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The AltanaESP Pty Website displays poorly on my screen. Why is that?
Last Updated 3 years ago

The Altana ESP Pty Ltd Website was build using the most recent online technologies provided by HTML5 and CSS3.

HTML5 & CSS3 technologies was selected by AltanaESP Pty Ltd as the preferred standard for all websites develop and managed by AltanaESP Pty Ltd, primarily because of the following features...
  • better, improved and more advanced online security capabilities.
  • smoother rendering and streaming of website content.
  • the ability to tweak website layouts and functions for a more economical online delivery method.
  • provide users with a greater freedom to deal with cookies, without unnecessarily jeopardizing screen displays.
  • a better browsing experience in general.
When your browser is outdated, rendering and displaying of the AltanaESP Pty Ltd Website will be distorted and/or you will find that the website is displayed in a peculiar manner on your screen. When browsers are outdated (i.e. unable to utilize HTML5 & CSS3 technologies), a "browser update ribbon" will be displayed in the top left side corner of your browser screen. This is merely a reminder that will be displayed, until you have updated your browser version, and doesn't restrict and/or effect AltanaESP Pty Ltd website functioning at all.

You have the choice to continue using the AltanaESP Pty Ltd Website, without updating your browser, and the ribbon will merely acts as a constant reminder that the poor website layout and rendering of functions, are the result of outdated browser technologies and not because of a poor design and development by AltanaESP Pty Ltd. Or...

you can decide to update your browser by clicking the ribbon, and follow the instructions provided to update your browser. Even when your browser is up to date, rendering and displaying the AltanaESP Pty Ltd Website (and websites under AltanaESP Pty Ltd auspices) might not be as intended. This happens because different browsers use and apply HTML5 and CSS3 technologies in a slightly different manner. In cases like these, it is suggested that you rather switch to a browser that complies with the HTML5 and CSS3 standards utilized by AltanaESP Pty Ltd online developments.

AltanaESP Pty Ltd has tested a number of different browsers and do find that Firefox and Chrome deliver the best performance when rendering and displaying AltanaESP Pty Ltd developed websites.

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