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What is an email's priority settings all about?
Last Updated a year ago

Email priority settings - in essence - are an indication of the sender's 'reply-expectancy' time frame from the recipient that s/he sends an email to.

Email communications within the AltanaESP context, plays a vital operational role, and everybody involved - to a greater or lesser extent - with the AltanaESP Network are encourage to make use of the following email priority settings as illustrated in the table below...
Symbol Description Expectation Time Frame
Highest Urgent, actually need a reply or some kind of action... by yesterday! Immediate attention to the email would be highly appreciated. NOW!
High Please pay attention to the email as soon as humanly possible. Please reply ASAP! 2 - 3 Days
Normal Please try to deal with this email during the coming week. At your earliest convenience please! Following week
Low Would be really nice if you could reply to this email within the next two to three weeks. Hope to hear from you in the near future. 2 - 3 Weeks
Lowest A reply any time within the next month... this month that is... would be appreciated. Some feedback soon will be appreciated. This Month
NONE No particular reply required any time soon, just for your information. Think that you should know about this, response not required for the time being. 0

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