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What is the difference between a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a Résumé?
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The goal, purpose and function of a CV, Targeted CV & Résumé

Your CV, targeted CV and Résumé each has a specific goal, purpose, role and function within the Career Networking & Job Board online environment. Please bare in mind that the primary scope of the Career Networking & Job board is to establish an online podium that could (i.e. by choice) provide the opportunity for all of its members to either establish and/or extent his/her present professional network, mainly aiming at closing the current gap that exist between employers, employees and candidates (i.e. between those individuals that offer job opportunities and those that have the needed skill-sets).

To apply and use a CV, targeted CV and résumé effectively - within a Career Networking & Job Board context - to establish, build and maintain an efficient professional network, you have to take note of and consider the following Career Networking & Job Board definitions...
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): A CV is your professional time line (i.e. accomplished CPD) and typically include all the details and information regarding your academic background, qualification obtained, job experiences, awards, publications, presentations and achievements. Thus, a CV describe in full (i.e. the detail of) your professional development path since you started... up to the present moment.
  • Targeted CV: A targeted CV is a one-to-two-page, condensed and tailored version of your full curriculum vitae (CV) specifically targeted at, or focused on the needs and requirements of the position's (i.e. the job) for which you are applying. A targeted CV is a way to quickly and concisely highlight your skills, capabilities, qualifications, experience and achievements as it relate to the vacancy (i.e. job) you are applying for.
  • Résumé: A résumé is an industry-keyword-translated online targeted CV, optimized for online searches and geared towards modern day computerized screening techniques, better known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Your CV contains detail information regarding your professional time line, which serve as the main source (i.e. the master) to consolidate a number of different targeted CV's and to compile a subsequent or relevant résumé depending on the job/position you are applying for.

The Networking Job Board professional networking process and related job search strategies - supportive to the recruiting and appointing of employees - can briefly be indicated as follows...
  1. When applying for a position or job: Cover Letter ►►► Résumé ►►► Targeted CV ►►► CV ►►► Interview ►►► Job offer ►►► Appointment.
  2. Employer résumé searches: Résumé ►►► Targeted CV ►►► CV ►►► Interview ►►► Job offer ►►► Appointment.

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