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Why must I be logged in to make use of glossary features?
Last Updated 9 months ago

Although the A-Z Glossary can be used by anyone visiting the glossary, there is quite a number of handy research functions, features and tools available when viewing and/or exploring the glossary. However, these functions and tools can be exploited by hackers, spammers, bots and any kind of malicious script, when uploaded to the server.

Unfortunately - nowadays - there are plenty individuals - aimlessly surfing the web - with the intent to either create havoc or do harm, when the opportunity presents itself. Therefore to...
  1. protect the glossary from malicious exploitation and
  2. ensure information, content & data integrity
...these functions and features are protected against online vulnerabilities and misuse by a secure login "firewall" so to speak.

In order to use the glossary optimally, to its full extent and value, one must be logged in order to gain access to and use these functions,  features and tools.

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