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How important is it to conduct research when applying for a job?
Last Updated 11 months ago

Conducting research when applying for a job is essential and very important. Research isn't limited to "before-applying" only, research needs to be extended to also include research conducted during the recruitment process and when a job offer is made by the employer or company.

Job and/or company research can be highlighted as follows...
  1. Before applying for a vacancy, research job specifications to determine the specific needs & requirements of the job to determine (i) whether you have what it takes and (ii) to compile and tweak your cover letter & targeted CV accordingly.
  2. During the recruitment process (e.g. the job interview), research the company or workplace culture to determine whether it would be suitable and harmonize with your personality, temperament, preferred working style and the career goals that you have set for yourself.
  3. After you received a job offer, research how marker related the salary offered is for your skill-set, capabilities, knowledge and experience.

In essence... research is of cardinal importance when applying for a position and failing to do so, significantly reduce your chances of success.

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